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I have expertise in all stages of a Product design, mostly on an enterprise-sized web products and now I'm converting the accumulated experience into a web3 design studio.

Looking for creative and courageous startups opened for collaboration with us. Especially interested in the blockchain / dApp / DeFi / NFT products.
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I'm Lead of the web3 design studio. I founded it specifically with the focus on blockchain since see how decentralization could change the world.

Usually I create a concept of solutions and manage my team to make it, focusing myself on a business challenges of a client's product. We specialised on designing complex, detailed products, its design system and deliver it with the dynamic prototypes.
EdgeRover is an united of previous 5 content navigator apps connected to Western Digital devices. Web, mobile, desktop.

I set the design process, project architecture, planned sprints, manage / teach / hire designers. We’d solved the challenge of creation united design system from the previous five.
Sentieo - is an AI-driven enterprise research platform for Financial and Corporate domains, mostly for Investment Management companies. Headquartered in SF with Fortune 500 clients, among other PayPal, Fidelity, Schroders.

Here I'm redesigning its experience in a brand new way, maintaining design system and solving architectural issues.
3 years


I'm Co-founder and Product Owner at e-learning b2b startup based on one-on-one mentorship to specific company.

We created a user flows, design system and turn it into MVP prototypes with my team. Apart from that I created landing page and Keynote presentations for investors.
1 year



During years I've mastered my skills and now in era of site builders I finally can unchain my web design experience to the full.

I start to create a website with research on the basis of which I create an interactive design in Figma, then transfer it to Tilda or Webflow, integrate with everything that integrates, fill it with content and, if necessary set up an advertising campaigns.
2+ years
Moment is a Project management, Resource planning, time tracking and invoicing solution for EU enterprises.
1 year
invoiced through it annually
Users from 13 countries
Timeline is the Resource planning and Project management tool based on the Gantt charts, meetings, task manager, document circulation, telegram bot and much more.

I have created it from a scratch to a complete digital transformation of the business processes of a huge architectural corporation.
3 years